Mud Pump Packages

Mud Pumps

Challenger Equipment specializes in unitizing custom designed, low maintenance triplex mud pump packages in our API Q1 Manufacturing Facility. We manufacture these workover, drilling and offshore packages to your specifications with the highest quality craftsmanship and the industry’s fastest lead times.

We build a combination of workover and drilling packages using your choice of power and transmission solution and with custom controls to fit your requirements. Electric powered pumps are customized to your design and offered as horizontal or vertical layouts.

All pumps are unitized on a tri-runner, heavy duty oilfield skid and are completed in house in our fabrication facility to ensure industry leading quality control.

We unitize new and rebuilt OEM pumps to bring you the greatest range of options to fit your program.

Some of our Triplex Mud Pumps Include:

  • Demay HD-500 Plunger Pump
  • Gardner Denver PAH and PZ Series (PZ-7, 8, 9, 10 & 11)
  • National JWS, 8P-80, 10P-130, 12P-160 & 14P-220
  • Emsco F and FB Series Pumps
  • Ellis Williams EW-447 & W-440

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